Margarita Gift Basket - Just Add Tequila!

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  • Elevate our Gift with Personalized Ribbon

Just add tequila!  This party gift basket is ready to enjoy!  We've used an awesome metal container and filled it with:

  • Margarita Cocktail Mix is precision-crafted to deliver just the right blend of citrus flavors with every pour.  This healthy party-boosting cocktail is infused with flavors of lime, agave and orange. Margarita is so incredibly versatile it pairs perfectly with ALL of your favorite spirits.  See our recipe below!
  • Late July Jalapeño Tortilla Chips are made with whole ground yellow corn and seasoned with a bold kick of jalapeño pepper and the freshness of real lime.
  • On the Border Salsa and Queso
  • Jalapeno & Bacon Cherky
  • Simply Organic Guacamole Dip
  • Nourish Just Chillin' Roasted Corn
  • Garden of Eatin' Organic Blue Chips
  • Margarita Glass Shaped Sugar Cookie
  • Mini Sombreo
  • Red Pepper Chip Tray

Crafted Cocktails Margarita with Margarita Mix

1 part Tequila Blanco or Silver Tequila 
3 parts Margarita Mix 
Pour over ice in 8 oz. glass 
Garnish with fresh lime wedge